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The “One Skate” technique is used when a skier is trying to gain speed and sometimes for slow conditions. Racers often use this technique going uphill as much as possible as it is usually faster than off set.  One skating is when you glide on your skis while they are in the shape of a V. When one skating you pole for every time you stride with your skis.


Free skate is used going down hills when you are going too fast and your poles are no longer effective. It can also be used on downhill corners to maintain speed.  Free skating is when you skate with your skis and your arms swing but you do not use your poles. 
Off set is used for going up steep hills and is a good way to start any skate race because you can very quickly gain speed.   Off set uses what we call a “three point landing”. A three point landing is when your two poles land on the ground at the same time as one of your skis. Use with the higher pole on the crest of the hill. Off set can be used two main speeds. The hop skate is basically off set at a higher tempo. 

Marathon Skate is not a technique generally taught anymore. At one time it was known as the fastest skate technique and was used on flat and sloping hills.  Marathon Skating is when you keep one foot in the track and skate or push off of the other to propel yourself forward. You use your poles just like when you are skating.

Step turning is for maintaining momentum around sharp corners instead of snow plowing.  What you are doing when step turning is make small steps to turn a corner. You do not need to use your poles so for maximum speed it is good to stay in a tuck.


Side stops are used for making quick stops and require a lot of practice. To complete a side stop you have to turn your skis to either the right or the left very quickly. You can drag your inside ski a little to help with balancing. Remember to bend your knees and ankles.



Snow plowing is a preventive measure so that you don’t gain too much speed. It is a good technique for going around corners for beginners and stopping.

Snow plowing is when you make a V with the front of your skis so that when you are going down the hill the tips of your skis in the front are almost touching.


 Tucking is the basic action of bending your knees so it looks like you are sitting on a bench and leaning forward so that your elbows are near your knees. The lower you get the more aerodynamic the position.

Side stepping is not a technique used in races. It is generally used for people who can’t keep their skis in a V or in some cases it is used for packing a skate trail.  When you get up to a hill you turn sideways so that you are parallel to the hill and begin to step up the hill. It is easier if you take small steps and do not cross your skis. If you begin to slip make sure that you are keeping your skis completely sideways.


  Always keep ankle and knee bent to give you a better push off and to reduce the risk of injury when you fall.

 Keep your weight over your ski and remember to balance. Weight shifting is important to reduce the risk of falling and to increase your gliding time.

 If you are worried about going down a hill it is better to bend your knees then to go down with straight legs. You run a much higher risk of injury if you fall when you are standing up with your knees locked then if you are in a tuck position.