Omineca Ski Club

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The Omineca Ski Club was founded in 1927 and can therefore lay claim to being the oldest cross-country ski club in British Columbia and possibly the oldest club in Canada.  In 1927 there was a large Scandinavian community who lived and worked in the area of Burns Lake and Decker Lake.  The club membership has grown as the local population has increased, especially over the past twenty years.  The current club has more than 300 members annually!

The club is proud of its achievements in the field of competitive skiing, for example:

The club has hosted four Canadian National Championships:  The Canadian Seniors in 1975, 1989 and 1996 and the Canadian Juniors in 1977.

We have had two local community members go the Olympics!

Kari Engstad - Winter Olympics 1936

Esther Miller - Winter Olympics 1976 and 1980

Race team coach—Chris Paulson, is also a former national team member.

We have had a number of local athletes participate on BC Ski teams.

A number of community members serve as officials and organizers at the provincial level.

Take a look at our “Athletes Roll of Honour