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Diagonal Stride

Diagonal Stride is like the one skate because it is used to gain speed and is a power technique. It can also be used to start a classic race to gain momentum quickly.  Diagonal Stride is one of the first techniques taught to people because it is the easiest for people to understand. Diagonally striding is basically the same thing as walking. You take a step forward while planting the pole on your opposite side.

Double Poling
Double Poling is a very fast technique used on flat and downhill sections of trail or when your legs cannot keep up with your poles anymore.  Double poling is one of the most used techniques today. Double poling is basically using only your poles to propel yourself forward. Your feet stay in the tracks while you plant your poles and pull yourself forwards. There have been many advances in this technique over the past years and the results have been drastic.
Kick double pole is faster then diagonal stride or double pole and is used when you want to maintain your speed from a downhill into an uphill. It can also be used to carry your speed over small hills.  Kick double pole is the same as double poling except that you push with one of your feet. Right before you pull yourself forward with your poles you “set” your wax. What that basically means is that you put more weight on one foot than the other and push off of it.

Herring Bone or Duck Walk is used to get up a hill that is too steep to diagonal stride.

Herring Bone is accomplished by making a V with your skis when going up hill. Basically what you want to do is take steps up the hill with keeping a good angle to your skis. The angle of your skis to the hill depends on its steepness