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Pat and Donna Brochez successfully prepared an application for funding for a new biathlon range for the Omineca Ski Club.  Nechako Kitimaat Development Fund awarded more than $40,000 in grant funds for a new biathlon area, rifles and coaching development and training. 
What is Biathlon?

Biathlon is an Olympic winter sport which combines competitive, skate-style cross-country skiing  technique and small-bore rifle marksmanship.  It is a challenging sport because it combines two very different activities—shooting and skiing.  Shooting demands very strong control and stability and cross country skiing requires intense physical exercise.  It is very difficult to arrive at the shooting range and shoot at a very small target (for prone shooting you need to shoot a 45mm target—for standing a 115mm target) with your chest heaving from exertion! 

Our local biathletes are coached by Bryan Dickson, Chris Paulson, Marvin Gerow and John Howett.  On Monday nights the Rod & Gun club opens their indoor facility for shooting practice at 7PM.  The cross-country skiing portion of the training is done at the Omineca Ski Club with the racing team and on Saturdays and Sundays at specified times—the athletes train at the Omineca Ski Club with their rifles.


If you are interested in participating in biathlon—please call Bryan Dickson at 695-6684.