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The ' Protocol for the Naming of Trails and other Features' was  approved at an executive meeting in 2005 and has now been in effect for some time (see attachment ).  The ' Athletes Roll of Honour', a development arising from this protocol, is presently being worked on  by a committee of 3 club members: Dianne Strimbold,  Noel Dicker and Bob Saul.

As a club we have no official record of skiers whose outstanding racing achievement is deserving of recognition on a 'Roll of  Honour'.  We have been obliged therefore to rely on other sources of information such as Cross Country Canada records,  Cross Country B.C.  records,  newspaper reports and the memory of O.S.C. members --- not  an easy task,  as you might imagine, especially when we have a  history going back to 1927!                    

However, we do now have a provisional list of names which we are posting for your attention ( see below).  We would like to emphasize that this is likely not yet a complete or final list.  If we have overlooked the name of a skier who satisfies the requirements or if  there is an error of detail,  we would like to hear from you now before the Honour Roll is mounted in the club lodge!   Please remember that the requirements for inclusion are...

the skier must have:

 i)   represented Canada at an Olympic Games                                                                   
or  ii) won a medal at a Canadian National Championship 

 or  iii) been a member of the B.C Team (not Development/Talent Squad --- these will be recognized in a record book to be developed in the near future).

Olympians & National Championship Medal Winners

1932—Kaare Engstad—Canadian Team, Lake Placid Olympics, NY, USA, Canadian Senior Nationals, 2 silver medals

1932—Karl Lindaas—selected for the Canadian team, Lake Placid Olympics—could not attend

1952—Niilo Itkonen—Canadian Senior Nationals—Gold medal

1952—Alford Eakin—Canadian Junior Nationals—Gold Medal, Slalom—Silver Medal, Alpine Combined—bronze medal

1953—Alford Eakin—Canadian Junior Nationals—Silver Medal

1953— Niilo Lindroos—North American Championships—Silver Medal

1976—Esther Miller—Canadian team, Innsbruck Olympics, Austria

1977—Marvin Strimbold—Canadian Junior Nationals (gold or aggregate champion?)

1979—Marvin Strimbold—Canadian Senior Nationals—Gold Medal, Men’s Relay

1980—Esther Miller—Canadian team, Lake Placid Olympics, NY, USA, Canadian Senior Nationals— Gold medal—Ladies 5km sprint

1980—Marvin Strimbold—Canadian Senior Nationals—Gold Medal, Men’s Relay

1981—Esther Miller—Canadian Senior Nationals—Gold Medal, Ladies 5km Sprint

1982—Lana Lindaas—Canadian Junior Nationals—Gold Medal

1983—Lana Lindaas—Canaidan Junior Nationals—Gold Medal

1983—Chris Paulson—Canadian Junior Nationals—Silver Medal

1987—Chris Paulson—Cnadian Junior Nationals—Gold Medal


1980/81—Lana Lindaas, Esther Miller, Marvin Strimbold

1981/82—Marvin Strimbold, Esther Miller

1982/3—Wanda Hallgren, Lana Lindaas, Tammy Lindaas, Esther Miller, Chris Paulson

1983/4—Wanda Hallgren, Lana Lindaas, Tammy Lindaas, Chris Paulson

1985/6, 1986/7, 1988/9—Chris Paulson, Tony Strimbold

1988/9—Tony Strimbold

1989/90, 1990/1, 1991/2—Chris Paulson, Tony Strimbold

1992/3—Chris Paulson

1993/4—Amos Ashurst, Chad Bergen, Chris Paulson

1998/9, 1999/00, 2000/01—Ryan Shanks

2001/02—Ryan Shanks, Chris Werrell

2002/03, 2003/04, 2004/05, 2005/06, 2006/07, 2007/8, 2008/9—Chris Werrell