Omineca Ski Club

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The Omineca Ski Club is located 6 km south of the town of Burns Lake located in the heart of the Lakes District near the geographical centre of British Columbia. Burns Lake has a population of around 2700 people with a surrounding area populated by another 8000.

EXECUTIVE 2009-2010

Mark West, President

Menno Giesbrecht, Vice-President

Doug Campbell, Treasurer

Jean Vossen, Secretary

Shirley Evans, Membership

Gunter Hoehne, Trails

Ben Wilson, Woodlot

Chris Paulson, Head Coach

Aidan Carroll, Course Groomer, Publicity

Terri Dickson, Race Organizer

Becky Watts, Member at Large

Valerie St. Jean, Ski League

Jacqui Palmer, Social

Donna Brochez, Biathlon